Today I was working on Hackerrank questions for SQL practice. The problem was to:

Query the Name of any student in STUDENTS who scored higher than 75 Marks. Order your output by the last three characters of each name. If two or more students both have names ending in the…

Creating a JSON file

This is an example of a JSON file I created using Notepad++ that captures multi-day forecast data.

JSON response for the multi-day forecast data

Documenting JSON Files

JSON Response

One way to document a JSON file is with a description and table. Below I used Microsoft Word to write a short description of…

This dashboard was created from marketing data in Maven data playground. I cleaned the data in power query and used pivot tables to analyze the data. The company objective is to increase campaign response. My thought was to focus on data from customers who had purchased products in the last…

Andrea Allen

Technical Writer

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