Technical Writing Practice-Revised DoorDash Help Article

A recent Zoom call made me aware that technical documentation, aka technical writing, is a career path I should explore considering I have an English degree and an interest in technology. After some research, my interest has definitely been piqued! Dare I say this field was made for me?! The best way to find out is to get my hands dirty.

After watching a ton of YouTube videos, I revised a DoorDash help article for new Dashers, as a practice exercise. The first step in the process of writing technical docs is knowing the product. The second step is knowing your audience. I have been dashing for roughly 2 years and I am familiar with the app and delivery process — the product. My experience allows me to have insight on what to tell new Dashers.

The article before:

My version:

Key changes :

  • Combined the first paragraph to be less choppy. Initially, I was going to cut the first paragraph. However, an introduction is important since this is an article

This exercise really was a fun introduction. I plan to learn more about technical writing and to write about more challenging technical concepts. What do you think about my revision? Are the steps clear to you? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Technical Writer